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Senior Pet Care

Senior pets have special needs that younger pets do not, and that’s why giving them the right veterinary care and health support is so important. We’re proud to be experts in senior pet care, from preventative measures to managing pain that comes from age-related chronic illness so your pet can enjoy senior life!

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Due to their shorter lifespan, pets age more quickly than humans.  Like us, they experience many age-related conditions, such as arthritis and joint pain, as well as the increased likelihood of cancer.  Therefore, it’s important we more closely monitor your elderly pet’s health than that of a younger animal.

At Sangaree Animal Hospital, we provide more frequent check-ups to make sure your senior pet is staying healthy and pain-free. We recommend senior pets come in for check-ups at least twice a year.  We'll look for symptoms of age-related issues, and may conduct diagnostics that include blood tests, x-rays, or urinalysis to identify potential problems.

Overall, we’ll serve as your partner in keeping your senior pet happy, healthy, and as active as possible in the golden years of life.

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